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Oil Trading

Matching the needs of our global client base requires us to cover a whole range of products from crude oil to other refinery feedstock to refined products, naphtha, mogas, jet fuel and gasoil.

 As a global trader, Strategic Energy Limited is active in physical oil trading including transportation by vessel pipeline, rail and road tanker.

Complementing its direct supply and trading business the group has extensive involvement in refinery processing arrangements and downstream activities such as storage, distribution and marketing.

 Utilising our extensive network of specialist agents and representatives throughout the oil trading sector we are able to offer a highly focused and informed service for our customers. A deep understanding of the world’s oil supply chain places Strategic Energy Limited at the forefront of the oil commodity trading business.

Global Coverage-Local Solutions

While acting as principal in many trading activities Strategic Energy Limited is constantly focused on delivering first class services to its clients.

Using an impressive array of technical and commercial specialists we are able to tailor our trading solutions to meet the precise needs of clients across markets, currencies and organizational structures.

We are able to act as partner or agent, adviser and facilitator in order to provide genuine ‘added value’. Using an extensive network of associates and representatives across the globe means that we can solve any requirement in oil trading. Our technical team is available to advise and assist you at every stage of the transaction, before, during and after delivery. 

In addition to offering excellent access to ‘best market price availability’ we are currently developing our own controlled transportation and supply chain network with a view to providing more stable pricing and regularity of supply.

Working closely with customers and suppliers we aim to minimise their commodity price exposure, and thus ensure them a stable margin from their business ventures and reduce speculative risk.

Financial Support

In dealing with the many factors that make up the world’s geopolitical and economic landscape, the use of sophisticated and suitable financial tools to support trading activities is a key factor for business success.

Enjoying the support of a number of first class banks, underwriters and financial institutions, Strategic Energy Limited's finance team has facilitated and concluded a wide number of trade finance and asset – backed projects for clients.

 A range of financial structures are used, to match the needs of the project, and can include processing, exchanges, consignments, tolling and pre-export and pre-production financing and barters. The group also makes extensive use of derivative products to support and manage price risk and fluctuation.

Financial support and management are key elements are key elements in the overall planning and delivery of successful oil trading negotiations, and Strategic Energy Limited is extremely well versed in these important disciplines.

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